"Michelle & Isabelle" - The Movie - With English Subtitles

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Michelle (played by Michelle Landgraf) and Isabelle (played by Isabelle Pilipp) are best friends. You do a lot with her ​​two dogs in a small town and go together through thick and thin. Michelle lives with her ​​single mother, Isabelle with her also single father (played by Aom Flury). Michelle's mother (played by Connie Landgrave) have one day to take care of Grandma suddenly fell ill, who lives in another city. When the children are alone in one weekend, they discover on a trip an old mine, where a mystery before which they flee in fear. They promise never to talk about it and forget what they saw. Life goes on as usual. A few days later, Michelle was in love with a boy (played by Max Bauer) and Isabelle can from this point on the left. They neglected the school and even her dog. When she realizes that the boy was only playing with her, she regretted the betrayal. But it seems too late, because Isabelle has supposedly a new best friend. As well as her mother does not help, because this has its own problems, Michelle breaks world together and she sets out to secretly to find her biological father.

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